FREE Herbal Tonic for the Month of April 2018
April 28 ,2018

To celebrate my return to Maroochydore I am offering all patients who book with me in April a free, custom-blended, full-size herbal tonic to take home.

Hey there! I’m just filming this really quick video to let you guys know of a pretty special, special that I’ve got going on April. So, as you can see these beautiful herbal bottles behind me are full of all gorgeous plants that I use as a herbalist. And, to celebrate my first month back at Active Living clinic, I am offering any patients that decide to visit me here whether you’re begining to see me before or whether you’re a new patient, a free bottle — 200ml bottle of herbs — which is valued at usually, it will be around 45 to 60 dollars depending on the herbs that are in it. So that’s really, really great value and it’s enough herbs to actually start to experience the difference. So, look, I’m still being in practice and still being using certain medicines but having my herbal dispenser back in full force is something that I’m really excited about, and I know that many of my patients are being requesting so I’m really excited to be able to offer that again to you. And, being a herbalist at heart is just, just so exciting to have these because I just say the amazing transformations that these custom made herbal blends can have on people because we can address specifically what is going on for the person sitting in front of me. So, if you would like to take advantage of this offer you need to book in April with any consultation, initial consultation, or a returning consultation if you’re one of my past patients, you will be receiving a 200ml bottle of herbs to go home with and you will know, they don’t taste so great but they work so well. So, anyway, have a fabulous day, and I hope to see you in April. Thanks.

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