Green Protein Smoothie
April 21 ,2018
Green Protein Smoothie

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Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook time: 0 Minute

Serves: 1

Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients :
1 cup water or milk (e.g. coconut, almond, organic cow’s, etc.) 1-2 tablespoons yoghurt (Greek, natural, coconut, sheep’s or goat) 1-2 teaspoons chia seeds ½ cup frozen berries 1 cup spinach ¼ ripe avocado (optional) 1 tablespoon protein powder (optional) 4 drops of liquid stevia for sweetness (optional)

Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor until smooth (add ice if desired).
Per Serve:

Calories: 407 cal

Carbohydrates: 34.0 gm

Protein: 26.0 gm

Fat: 20.0 gm

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