A Daily Ritual to Nourish your Body & Balance your Hormones


As women, we all have our own unique hormonal journeys, from menarche to menopause and beyond. For some of us our reproductive system and cycle feels like a blessing and unfortunately, for many it feels like a curse. I like to think about the many hormones in our bodies like players in an orchestra. When … Read more

6 Foods to Help You Eat Your Way to Beauty


No matter how much you rummage through your makeup bag, you’re unlikely to find the elixir to beauty living in there. That magic potion comes from within you, much the same as your luminous personality projects inner beauty on the outer world. The results depend on the ingredients you throw into your potion and how … Read more

Oestrogen Dominance… what you need to know!


Oestrogen dominance is a hot topic in the health space right now, but what if oestrogen is not really the bad guy? There is a lot to take into account when looking at hormone balance and in this video I give an overview of the main things you need to know about oestrogen.______________________________________________ Hi, everyone! … Read more

Is Paleo Just Another Diet Fad


Is Paleo Just Another Diet Fad, or the Real Deal? With so many fad diets out there, from celebrity quick fixes to dangerous detoxes, it’s little wonder that the Palaeolithic or ‘hunter-gatherer’ lifestyle has come under the same scrutiny. This isn’t a bad thing. It definitely pays to do your research when embarking on any … Read more

How to read your pathology tests


Pathology test results are often either misread or the information is not utilised properly. Here I discuss how we can use our pathology results to give us a lot more powerful information… and therefore results!______________________________________________ Hello, my name is Vanessa. I’m a Naturopath and co-founder of The Baby Builders. Today, I just wanted to talk … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Avocado Every Day Edited


Avocados are back in Season! 5 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Avocado Every Day What’s green, delicious and best friends with your heart? The humble avocado. A mini powerhouse of of good fats, vitamins and antioxidants, an avocado a day really could keep the doctor away. Best of all, you can enjoy the creamy texture … Read more