Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt


Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt It might surprise you how easy it is to make chocolate at home – without vegetable fats or refined sugars. The following quantities can be adjusted to taste, they’re just a guide to use as a starting point. Cacao powder can be quite bitter for new users, so it’s best … Read more

Green Protein Smoothie


Green Protein Smoothie This smoothie makes a great breakfast or afternoon snack. It contains a balance of good fats and protein and is packed with phytonutrients.

Apricot Cashew Bites


Apricot Cashew Bites Apricot Cashew super tasty bites are great when prepared in advance to have on hand for a balanced fibre and mineral-rich snack to support your energy and adrenal function. Free from: gluten / grains / refined sugar / lactose / soy / dairy Ideas: Once the bites have firmed up in the fridge … Read more

Banana Cinnamon ‘Porridge’


Banana Cinnamon ‘Porridge’ This dairy and grain free ‘porridge’ will give you energy and satiety to keep you going strong until lunch. The key ingredient green banana flour contains resistant starch, which is a superfood for our microbiome (gut flora). When our gut bugs consume resistant starch, they produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids, particularly butyrate, … Read more

Frittata Muffins


Frittata Muffins These frittata muffins make a fantastic snack, breakfast or lunch. They are packed with protein, good fats and vegetables and have a huge array of micronutrients. These are great to cook on a Sunday so you have quick and healthy go-to foods through the week and they are freezable. These muffins will help … Read more

Chicken Curry with Cauliflower ‘Rice’


Chicken Curry with Cauliflower ‘Rice’ This simple and delicious chicken curry is dairy and grain free and is packed with protein and good fats. It is also a great option for a work day as you can just throw it in the slow cooker before walking out the door in the morning and it will … Read more