How to read your pathology tests
June 28 ,2020

Pathology test results are often either misread or the information is not utilised properly. Here I discuss how we can use our pathology results to give us a lot more powerful information… and therefore results!

Hello, my name is Vanessa. I’m a Naturopath and co-founder of The Baby Builders. Today, I just wanted to talk to you about pathology testing. I had a patient today that I was discussing this with and I think it’s a really important concept to consider when receiving your blood test results. So, often, people will say I went and saw the doctor and had my bloods done and everything was fine. Now, to most naturopaths or integrated practitioners, that’s not enough because what we really need to see is what does that mean and what did they test first of all, and what is their interpretation of the results? So, even I find sometimes when results are outside of the pathology lab ranges, doctors will still say “it’s fine.” Now, taking one step further, when we’re looking at blood test results, I’m actually not that convinced that what the pathology lab thinks is a good reference range is actually a good reference range. So, when you think about how that pathology lab created that reference range of what it considers as normal. It based it on really a bulk of average population that has had that test previously and they do the average of that. So, when we’re looking at, let’s say, the average population out in the world, I would say you would probably agree with me that the majority of people aren’t optimally healthy. There’s a lot of people in the society that really are not optimally healthy and their results will be contributing to what the pathology lab results reference range will be. So, often, probably a neat way to start looking at this is kind of cutting the bottom third and the top third and looking at that middle range, the optimal range that one-third in the middle. That’s usually what I will look at to in the case, a healthy range. And, of course, there are some parameters, for instance, liver enzymes that having the lower range is actually better and so that’s where having a professional to help you interpret that result is really important. So, I hope this has been of assistance today and I wish you a happy and healthy day ahead. Thank you.

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