Naturopathic Consultations

Hello and welcome! Below you will find options to book your initial consultation or continued-care consultation with me.
If we have not met before and you wish to have a 20-minute chat to learn a little more, click here to book your complementary discovery session.

What is involved in a consultation?

If this is your first time booking with me, then welcome!
Plant Based Diets by Vanessa Lamaro

Once you book your consultation below, you will be sent an online questionnaire to complete before we meet. This is an opportunity for you to share with me information about your overall health and greatest concerns. At our first appointment we will deep-dive into your history, identify your challenges and define your health goals. We will then put in place an individualised initial treatment plan to start addressing these, that may include testing, referral, dietary advice, lifestyle modifications and custom-prescribed herbal and nutritional medicines.

If you are not attending the clinic for an in-person appointment, I will send you a zoom link on the day, or if we are consulting via phone, I will call you at our appointment time.

Simply scroll down to the Initial Consultation box below to book online, or call my lovely reception team on 07 5479 1212 to book via phone.


How to book a Consultation

  1. Choose your appointment type from the 4 boxes directly below.
  2. Click on the box and select a time and date that suits you.
  3. Enter your details and choose to complete your booking.
  4. You will immediately be sent an appointment confirmation via email.
  5. If you cannot see a time that suits you (e.g. after hours), please call my reception team on 07 5479 1212 so they can assist you to find an appropriate time for your needs.

Jemma K.


I went to see Vanessa for debilitating pain with my periods. I can honestly say working with her has changed my life, though not completely gone there is no more sick days laying in bed in agony and no more heavy pain killers. She has helped me change my life.

Kelly M.


Vanessa has been my Naturopath for over 5 years now and I just love having her there to help me on my health journey when I need it. I feel my health has improved so much over that time and I really think it is her support that has got me there.

Sally & Shaun


I am writing to say thank you for all of your help in our pregnancy journey. 3 years of infertility and failed IVF and here we are… pregnant. Naturally! Thank you so much for everything. You are an angel x