Apricot Cashew Bites

Apricot Cashew Bites


Apricot Cashew super tasty bites are great when prepared in advance to have on hand for a balanced fibre and mineral-rich snack to support your energy and adrenal function.

Free from: gluten / grains / refined sugar / lactose / soy / dairy


  • Once the bites have firmed up in the fridge add a yummy chocolate element by drizzling on a basic chocolate sauce based on coconut oil, which will set quickly because the bites are cold. Simply whisk together some liquefied coconut oil, raw honey, and organic cocao powder to make a healthy chocolate sauce
  • Roll the mixture into balls or logs if you don’t have moulds



  1. Place all ingredients into a food processor and blitz until it’s a fine sticky-but-sorta-crumbly mixture.

  2. Use a teaspoon to press some mixture into moulds. Silicon mini cupcake moulds work really well.

  3. Place the filled moulds in the fridge to firm up, for about 30 mins or so. The coconut oil will solidify making the mixture less oily to handle.

  4. Keep the moulds on and the bites cool until it’s time to serve them otherwise warm temps will melt the coconut oil and they’ll become very messy to eat. Peel back the mould and bite into the bites… yum!


Per Serve:

Calories: 159 cal

Carbohydrates: 11.0 gm

Protein: 3.0 gm

Fat: 11.0 gm

Contributors:Aimee Clark
Food & Cooking Coach
Primal Influence