Coconut Milk Gelatin Squares

Coconut Milk Gelatin Squares

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 20 min Cook Time 9 min Total Time 29 mins Calories: .69



  1. Place gelatin in a small bowl and pour a small amount of boiling water and stir until fully dissolved. Set aside.

  2. Heat the coconut milk, cacao and vanilla bean paste on the stove until nearly boiling

  3. Remove from the heat and by now the gelatin should be in a globular/jelly form

  4. Place gelatin into the saucepan with hot coconut milk and stir in until fully dissolved

  5. Pour into glass baking dish and place in the fridge for an hour or so until set like jelly

  6. Cut into squares and keep in the fridge for a snack attack!

  7. Note: You can use the same instructions with the fruit juice! Use your imagination and play with flavours!



Sarah Williams
HypnoBirthing® Child Birth Educator
Labour Ov Love